One Young World…Khurshid Ahmed Jan

February 2, 2010

Khurshid Ahmad Jan an MBA graduate in banking and finance from Punjab university Lahore. Belong to Gilgit Baltistan the northern part of Pakistan, though my area is one of backward areas in the world, but it is enriched with unlimited blessings of nature like it is the junction of three largest mountains of the world Krakuram, Himalayas and  Hindukhush(HKH), 119 lakes 5100 glaciers 22000 square miles snow covered area 101 peaks are found 7000m above sea level including the 2nd highest peak of the world 4 national parks 3 wildlife sanctuaries and 5 ecological zones.

My area particularly and my country generally have so many issues which need to be discussed on international forums, in Pakistan we are fighting a war against terrorism and extremism, today the world is facing a great thread from terrorists and we are the front line in the war against terrorism we have lost so many lives in this war.

We have poverty and starvation in our country most of the population is living below poverty line we don’t have basic facilities of life and our people divided into different sects.

In my area global warming is changing the ecological environment which causes the glaciers to melt and effects the biodiversity of this land. Our people still don’t have any representation in the national assembly of our country they don’t have political rights and liberty of speech, we are a colony of Pakistan still disputed among Pakistan and India. They don’t have access to clean water hygienic food and proper education, still people don’t know what is Internet and cellular networks, most of the people are living without electricity even today.

I have proved myself as youth leader in my community and area, I am the president of Ismaili Students Association (ISA) Lahore, which aims

(A)To provide a platform for networking to all Ismaili students studying at high schools, undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, post-doctoral, and professional studies programs in colleges, universities, vocational and technical institutions, and other continuing education institutions in Lahore, Pakistan.

B)To serve as a link between the student population and the community in Lahore, Pakistan.

C)To identify and address various needs of students while they are enrolled or are seeking admissions in their respective academic programs.

D)To provide a forum for the presentation and implementation of innovative ideas to benefit the student community

E)To provide different channels of activities for the students of the community people.

E)To take Lead in introducing new opportunities to the students for the betterment of their careers/social lives.